Great taste is timeless.

Mrs. Whyte’s authentic deli-style pickles have been bringing Quebec families together around the table since 1932. What’s our secret? We know a great tasting pickle takes a little more work.

One bite and you’ll see why we continue to honour the old-world pickling techniques that made our matriarch a household name. Thoughtfully harvested and prepared, Mrs. Whyte’s brined pickles are bursting with flavor.


A pickle your grandmother would approve.

Made from simple ingredients. Naturally fermented in Mrs. Whyte’s original spice blend. And always refrigerated for freshness.

24 hours from vine to brine.

Our Quebec cucumbers are carefully picked by hand in small batches at the peak of the growing season, and barrel cured before the day is done so that every jar of Mrs. Whyte’s contains the freshest pickles you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

A pickle for any occasion.

Original Brine, Kosher Dill, crunchy Garden Crisp, Bread & Butter and more. With so many varieties, you’re sure to find a pickle that pleases!

Fresh from the fields of Quebec.

Our first choice for Mrs. Whyte’s pickles is always to use locally grown cucumbers. We believe it is the unique combination of Quebec soil, sun and water that makes Mrs. Whyte’s a better pickle.


The ‘MK’ guarantees we’re certified Kosher.

Both of our production facilities in Quebec are certified Kosher under the authority of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal, and all of our Kosher products are prepared in accordance with Kosher dietary laws.


We are more than just pickles.

The Mrs. Whyte’s line has expanded to include a full range of condiments. Try all of our premium products, including relishes, horseradish, pickled vegetables, marinades and salad dressings.