The farm at your table.

Fresh food. Locally sourced. Authentically prepared.

Whether it’s imported olives or Canadian pickles, we’ve made it a priority to grow and prepare the Whyte’s foods you love as close to home as possible, for time-honored flavour synonymous with our cherished brands. Picked and packed at the source for peak-season freshness and maximum nutrition, our traditionally prepared, farm-fresh foods simply taste better.

We support Canadian farmers first.

Our relationships with Canadian growing families reach back generations. They are our partners, our neighbours and our friends. As Canada’s largest pickle and pepper packer (we process several tons of cucumbers and peppers annually), we’ve made a choice to contribute to our local economies by buying Canadian produce first and ensuring our Canadian farmers thrive.

Community commitment.

Minimizing our environmental impact.

Our approach to community includes a promise to leave our environment as clean as we found it. In our ongoing commitment to the planet, we strive to reduce energy consumption and waste wherever possible. By buying local, using PET recyclable plastic and developing lighter-weight food packaging products such as the Envira Care™ pouch, we are able to reduce freight fuel and the need to transport food long distances. We continue to upgrade our plants to ensure a sustainable future, most recently installing new water treatment systems, and energy efficient manufacturing processes.

At all levels of business operations, we’re continuously seeking new ways to make less impact. We conduct annual environmental and emission studies to guide us in this effort.

Auberge du coeur L’Envolée | Our charitable partner

You’ll find l’Envolée in a quiet residential area, next door to our Sainte-Rose operating facility in Quebec. Since 1985, this nonprofit organization has been providing transitional housing, meals, jobs training and support for Laval teens and young adults who find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Filling a critical need in the lives of members of our community, l’Envolée is a natural fit for Whyte’s. Our entire team has been intimately involved with l’Envolée’s staff and the young people they support, providing jobs training, giving cooking classes, preparing holiday meals and offering internships and job placement at our nearby facility.

L’Envolée plays an invaluable role in helping our Laval young people achieve a bright future and we’re excited to develop and grow our partnership in the years to come.

Ishtar Transitional Housing Society

In British Columbia, our team works with Ishtar, providing donations to help support women, men and children in our community who have experienced abuse.

Ishtar has been operating in the Central Fraser Valley since 1973 and has the distinction of being the first transition house in North America. Today, the organization provides vital emergency housing to individuals leaving abusive relationships, as well as offering a range of programs and services to break, prevent, and end the cycle of abuse.

We believe there is power in people coming together to help others.

As team-members, family, friends and neighbours, we are deeply tied to the communities in which we work and live. We recognize that strong communities are built on solid foundations, where each and every individual has a safe place to live, healthy food to eat, secure employment and an opportunity for a happy future.

For this reason, our charitable work is focused on organizations that provide vital social services for members of the communities in which we operate.