Specialty foods from the
heart of the Mediterranean.

When Mario Saroli began importing genuine Italian olives, he had a modest goal in mind: to introduce Ontario to the fresh, simple and authentic flavours of a healthy Mediterranean diet.


As an olive expert, Mr Saroli knew a good olive when he tasted it. He knew the best olives came from the fertile Mediterranean region of Europe. There the sun was strong, farmers favoured traditional growing methods, and the freshest ingredients were prepared simply, from heirloom recipes that stood the test of time. Through the years, the Saroli name became associated with old-world quality and authentic taste.

More than 50 years later, we carry on the Saroli tradition. Saroli brings you a growing selection of authentic, locally sourced, and classically prepared Mediterranean delights, including grilled vegetables, olive oil, and more than 20 varieties of olives. Buon Apetito e Alla Salute!

Italian ingredients at their best.

From Calabrese to Bela di Cerignola, we harvest only the plumpest, juiciest olives from the sun-drenched countryside to produce Saroli olives.

Traditionally cured for authentic Italian flavour, Saroli olives are a delicious way to get your essential daily nutrients and a heart-healthy alternative to fast food snacks. Try them with cured meats, in your cherished recipes, or eat them right from the jar.