Canadian burgers love Strub’s.

Ontario’s favorite pickles have always been made the old fashioned way, from freshly harvested cucumbers, hand-picked and barrel cured with care in our signature blend of all-natural spices. That original Strub’s taste has made us a mainstay at backyard barbeques since 1929.

Fresher from the fridge.

Minimally processed, Strub’s cooler pickles are always chilled and come with a “best before” date, just like dairy products. It is your way of knowing you’re getting our freshest, snappiest batch of authentic, deli pickles — a healthy treat you’ll feel good about serving your family.

A cooler pickle for every palate.

Full Sour Dill in Original Brine, Kosher Dills, Baby Dills, Half Sour Kosher, Half Sour Dills, Kosher Dills, New Dills or Bread and Butter… Find your favorite and stock up for special family celebrations, summer BBQs, or any special occasion. Strubs pickles are a crunchy snack that no one can resist!

Strub’s are grown right here at home.

Our pickles are made with Canadian cucumbers first. As the largest pickle producer in Canada, Strub’s is proud to support local farmers and a healthy Canadian economy.


Certified Kosher.

Strub’s pickled products have been prepared in accordance with Kosher dietary laws and are certified Kosher under authority of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal, COR (Kashruth Council of Canada), Toronto and OU (Orthodox Union), New York.


Pickles are just the beginning.

Try all of our refrigerated and shelf-stable products; including sauerkraut, horseradish, pepper rings, relish and more!