Celebrating fresh packed flavour
since 1938.


Named to commemorate the coronation of King George VI

Coronation celebrates over 75 years as the brand of choice for Quebec consumers seeking the highest quality, consistency and value in traditional condiments.

In 2005, Coronation joined the Whyte’s brand family with a distinctive line of shelf-stable products including pickles, olives, cherries, relishes, and other condiments.

Staying true to the brand, we are careful to prepare each product in the Coronation tradition you know and love. Made with wholesome ingredients from simple recipes, Coronation foods emphasize fresh, classic flavours that bring a little extra to the table, elevating any mealtime experience.

We continue to expand Coronation’s product offerings with pride, as we introduce new food products that speak to our loyal customers in taste, freshness and value. Find our growing line of Coronation prepared foods at a grocery store near you.

Try our Tapenade!

Coronation authentic olive and vegetable tapenades are made with natural ingredients, for fresh, bold flavor that makes every meal a taste adventure. Serve them as an appetizer, pair them with main dishes, or add them to your favorite recipes.